Save on groceries

Save on groceries

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Do you know, Groceries and edible items cost us second most after spending on house rent on a monthly basis.

If you Plan and do grocery shopping smartly you can save a good amount of money at the end of the year.

Saving money at the supermarket does not mean giving up healthy and nutritious foods. 

In this article, I will give you Top 6 Tips to Save Money On Grocery Shopping.

1) Buy in Bulk

The items and products you consume regularly on monthly basis You must definitely buy that in bulk specially if you have a large family.

Why? Because in bulk you get better value for your price 

Suppose you buy peanut butter 250 grams and it costs 20 bucks, if you buy half a kilo peanut butter it may cost 35  bucks, which can save you five bucks for more quantity.

Buy an item in bigger size because it offers a better price on value per ounce

One thing to consider is that if you buy items in bulk than you may run short for storage 

What you can do in this situation is you can share the bulk food items with your friends and families.

With time over year, you will see that you have saved a lot of money by buying in bulk in comparison if you don’t boy items in bulk

Big Stores like Walmart offer all types of items in bulk and at a discount too

2) Make A List of Groceries

Many people while going for shopping for groceries in a store never make a list of the items they require which lead them to buy more

If you don’t go to a store without a list then you will have no plan to buy what, and without a plan you will end up buying more 

Without a plan you will buy anything you see in the store

Always make a list it will save your time and save you from overspending

Always stick to your list

We Recommend making grocery list. 

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