Nordmann 45-60 pot gekweekt

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we are specializes in growing, selling and transporting all types of Christmas trees. By means of our versatile range, we give you the opportunity to choose a tree that fully meets your needs. In the range you will find Flora Danica Nordmann, Picea Veluwe, pot grown Christmas trees, cut foliage and other accessories.

Delivering a Christmas tree is craftsmanship and therefore deserves good advice and customization. That is why our Christmas trees are only sold to specialist retailers, in other words, wholesalers, garden centers and other registered sales points. This way, after our delivery, the tree can be resold again with just as much advice and care.

Good cooperation with our Christmas tree growers, regular checks and craftsmanship results in a Christmas tree of optimum quality. All trees are selected with precision under the supervision of our and then labeled. In this way we can deliver the same high quality Christmas tree every year.


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