How to negotiate a bargain

How to negotiate a bargain

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Want to Reduce the price on your phone bills? Or perhaps just wanna get more when you sell your old stuff in a garage sale. 

In this article, I will give you 10 Tips on How to Bargain and Negotiate. 

So let’s get started 

1) Don’t feel bad while negotiating 

Don’t feel bad, Some people feel bad for Negotiating. 

They don’t speak up and just accept the price that’s been handed to them. So don’t feel embarrassed like your cheap, because if it’s done the right way, you’ll feel great and save a lot of money. 

2) Do research the product

Do your Research thoroughly

If you can quote the prices of the competition to the person you’re making a deal with, you will have the upper hand and they will be more likely to compromise. 

It helps to bring proof so get ready to pull your phone and show their competitor’s website. 

Believe me, nobody wants to lose business to a competitor. So try this to reduce your interest on your credit cards, gym memberships, phone bills, or when you go shopping. 

Find what you think is a fair price for it, and then aim to lower it by like 10% if you’re buying or increase it if you’re selling. 

3) Determine Worst Case Scenario 

Try to determine your Cheapest price in a bargain.

Before you even negotiate, make sure you know what’s the price that you will without a doubt refuse to accept. Because if you’ve ever agreed to something and the next day you regret it, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

So if someone is getting you to cross this line, be willing to confidently walk away, and perhaps do more research or just go to a different place. 

4) Be Ready to make the offer 

Know about your first negotiable offer 

If you’re prepared and did your research then make the first offer while negotiating. 

Now if you’re trying to buy, make the price low enough that they’ll say an immediate no, but don’t make a offer very low or they will think you’re crazy. Because you will always think if you could have gone lower on that deal.

But if you are not prepared, then let them make the first offer, and straightaway don’t accept it and make a counter offer with a better price for you.

This will make the bargain meet somewhere in the middle

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