Health Care Saving Tips

Health Care Saving Tips

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We spend more on Health Care than we spend on groceries in America. Saving Money on Medical care is tougher than saving money on food.

Saving money on health care is challenging, but you can cut cost by following some tips.

In this article, I will help you in cutting your Annual Medical costs by giving my Top 5 Health Care Saving Tips.

1. Daily Exercise and Health Diet

Prevention is better than Cure.

With Daily Routine of exercise and having a healthy, organic diet.

You can prevent major disease which will not only prolong your life, make life better and save your money too on expensive treatments of chronic diseases.

Having a wholesome of fruits and organic food is also crucial for your health.

You should decrease the intake of processed food, burgers, fries, fast food.

Poor Diet which does not have enough organic and plant based food is the leading root cause of deaths globally. Type 2 diabetes, Heart Disease, and many forms of cancer are driven by unhealthy diet and processed food

The sedentary lifestyle, common in west is also a big factor for developing a deadly disease.

It is recommended that you have at least 5 to 10 minutes of daily exercise.

You can do brisk walk, normal jumping, ride a bicycle, lift weight as  you daily exercise.

Cardio is more important in west than resistance and strength training as people tend to be overweight here.

2. Get Regular Checkups

You should go on regular checkups on weekly or monthly basis. It may seem to increase your expense in the short term.

But it can save you in long term.

By having regular checkups you can be diagnosed early for any grave disease which can cost you a lot. We are not saying that you will surely caught up by a grave disease but there can be a possibility.

If by any chance a life threatening disease like cancer occurs to you, it can cost a hell lot in operations an surgeries. Any if you are diagnosed in a 2nd stage or 3rd stage cancer, it can cost you a big amount of money and can also cost your life.

Prevention is better than cure.

By Diagnosing your disease early you can save a lot of money also you can prevent the disease too from severing.

Benefits of regular checkups

  1. Reduce your risk of getting sick
  2. Detect a life-threatening disease early
  3. Reduce healthcare costs over time    

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